Project 2016 Professional | 32bit/64bit | 1 PC activation key | ESD

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 These keys are activation keys.  They can be used to activate 1PC once only.

  • 100% Genuine Product Key.
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit Office Versions Support.
  • Support all Languages
  • Global License
  • License key Lifetime
  • 30-day activation guarantee

Project Professional 2016 is an optimal program to properly manage your projects. The numerous integrated planning tools allow you to create a new project in just a few minutes, to adapt it to your requirements and to monitor the progress at any time. In addition, various reporting features in MS Project Professional 2016 ensure that you can keep track of the key features of your project and, if necessary, refine it in a presentation. In addition, thanks to the Gantt chart, the process paths that are critical to your project are always highlighted, and you can see at a glance what processes they are related to.

Plan in advance and monitor project progress – with MS Project Professional 2016

Intelligent features, such as the team planner or resource negotiation, keep MS Project 2016 Professional informed about the progress of your project and identify potential issues early so that the program and you can counteract them. The same applies to the “what if scenarios”, which identify bottlenecks in finances or resources and point out them at an early stage to prevent real problems.


Activating via telephone

Have you encountered an activation error?  Select activate via telephone.  You will be presented with a long installation id.  Enter that id in the website below.

You can choose 7 digits and afterwards fill in the installation ID that is visible on the computer. After entering the ID, click on Next. If everything goes as planned, you will be asked about how many computers the Windows has been installed on, which is where you should fill in 0. If you then click on Next you will see the confirmation ID. You can fill in the confirmation ID on your computer after clicking on Enter confirmation ID.