Certifications and Partner ID's


WholesaleKeys.Club sells software from authorized suppliers as an affiliate of those companies.  To comply with the terms and conditions of Microsoft, all of the items sold are new and sourced directly at the time of sale from third party Microsoft sellers.  As an affiliate we earn commission from providing a platform for suppliers to sell their products.  We endeavour at all times to ensure that all the software that is sold on our site is compliant with all relevant legislation.  We have partner certificates on hand as verification but do not take responsibility for any misrepresentations made by the suppliers, whether intended or not.

Microsoft Partner ID's of the suppliers:

Shenz*** **************** ************** ************. - Partner ID 5398025 (

Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions)

Shenz*** **************** Trading ************. - Partner ID 4187994 & 5247664 (Gold Cloud Platform)